Peer-to-Peer streaming is a technology on WebRTC


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Hello, IOcodes provide platform video streaming which include Peer-to-Peer ( P2P) in streaming, your system can handle over 200k CCU and your streaming will be stronger.


Peer to peer ( p2p - i don't use webtorrent which is bad for performance in this time)! Streaming video from own server with p2p technology
I provide peer-to-peer service for website/app which working on: video stream, cdn, live stream...

+ Player support: jwplayer 7.x , jwplayer 8.x, videojs 4.x, videojs 5.x, HTML5
+ App trên iOS, macOS, android, tizen, Fire TV

📻 Peer to peer like torrent method, speed will fast and faster when video get viewer more....

- I solved problems on torrent and optimize for VOD stream ( HLS, m3u8), DASH.
- Support p2p on mp4 streaming
- No delay time, no delay chunk
- This method don't access to your server.

Advantages with:
- CDN: Off load 70% data transfer for cdn , but speed is better.
- Bandwidth: Off load bandwidth.

📻 Customers:
- Live TV, live stream...
- IPTV, smart TV...
- Working on video, contact to me...i have good method for you

📻 Price:
- Step 1: Free testing, i sure i have good price, my price = 70% your service or better
- Step 2: When your system want to use my service, then we can discuss and make a contraction.

📻 Private infomation:
- No share, no public customers infomation

📻 Support other: I can discuss with your about platform streaming or processing video.
#hls #vod #livestream #p2p

Looking this video which have to use Peer-to-Peer

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