IOcodes's service for Streaming with p2p and HLS technology


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Platform for streaming video
Streaming with p2p and HLS technology!​

🏠 IOcodes provided all video script, platform video streaming, peer-to-peer technology for streaming own server, live stream.

🖥 Our service:

I. IOstream - platform video streaming from own server
- Support remote upload video from: google drive, google photos, dropbox, openload...
- Support Peer-to-Peer for streaming video

Read more about product:

II. Peer-to-peer technology:
Read more:

II. IPTV - restream:
- We provide all channel on the world for you,

III. Server stream:
We have platform and solution for handle over 200k users realtime!

a. E3 1240v5
Ram: 16GB
HDD: 6TB or SSD: 512GB
Port: 1Gbps - 200TB/month
=> Price: 200$/month

b. E3 1240v5
Ram: 32GB
HDD: 4TB or SSD: 512GB
Port: 1Gbps - Unlimited
=> Price: 250$/month

Option to 2Gbps, price: 400$/month.

c. CPU: 2x E5-2620
Ram: 128GB
Storage: 1x 240GB SSD and 8x 2TB SSD
Port: 10Gbps - Unlimited

=> Price: 1900$/month. If you are a friendly customer, you will get good price

We provide option config server, let me know your config which you want, i give good price for you

IV. Server storage:
a. Supermicro 4U/2x E5620/ 120GB SSD + 23x 4TB (92TB)5.9k rpm SATA / 32GB SATA / 1 IP / KVM / 1Gbps Unmetered : USD 630/month

b. Supermicro 2U/2x E5620/ 120GB SSD + 11x 4TB (44TB) 5.9k rpm SATA / 32GB SATA / 1 IP / KVM / 1Gbps Unmetered : 510 USD

NOTE: Servers ignored DMCA

- website:

- Email:
- Skype: duyanh_star007
- Paypal: or
- Payment method: BTC, Paypal

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